Just a cool pic i took. Good times.

Just a cool pic i took. Good times.


All my 1970’s soviet pop music videos have been taken off the internet. Lame sauce.

Love Encounter

After attending love encounter i feel as though once again things could be changing. I dont really even know what that means, but i think i left with something more than just another conference. Something deep is welling up in my spirit unlike ever before. A hunger, a want, a desparation for something. Now what? Time to take it up with the Big Man.

Anybody else want to swing wing with me?

Ok, i think im over the soviet pop music. I have moved on to chinese folk/ country. Prepare to be dazzled! Also i want to dance like this man…

This made me happy to hear.

Lets go

Im feeling that kinda antsy feeling again. I am clueless as to life and this whole season i find myself in isn’t helping much either.

So much uncertainty.

So many questions.

Yet, i know God still moves.

Even in my turmoil.

Even in the fears that i lay at His feet, he is still faithful to the end.

Not my timing God, but your will be done in my life…

One of those weeks.

Its been one of those weeks when getting out of bed is more treacherous than giving blood. Finding the energy to go to school was like looking for penguins in the sahara. Completing my home work was like pulling off my finger nails with a pair of rusty pliers. Went to the doctors with my sister who thought she was dying(a typical 15 yr. old girls response)… oh and my car died. Am i being dramatic? Yes. I should probably get over myself. Lets hope for some positive experiences this next week:)

Im sorry, just one more ukrainian hit. This is the last one of these videos I promise… for now :]

I hope you all are enjoying the Soviet pop as much as i am. I know envy is wrong, but that the only way i can describe the feelings i have for this man :/